Nasal Surgery Patient Experience


Why I chose Nasal Surgery:

Recent surgery was a to alleviate blocked airways in my nose so I can breathe through it. Dr Ananda took one look at it, and decided to operate.

I am always comfortable with Dr Ananda. He has always made me feel like his opinion is based on experience, and he has been clear with me on why alternate measures may not give the outcome I am looking for. One of the best aspects of Dr Ananda’s practice is the help that Teneille provides. If I have a question or, my carer is concerned about my recovery, Teneille was always available to talk us through it. We didn’t need to wait to talk to Dr Ananda.


What to Expect

The team is experienced and they work together extremely well. I felt in control and at ease throughout the entire process, from initial consultations right through to post op care. I feel like I can call them anytime if I have a quick question.



For the first time in my 40 years of life, I can breathe through my nose, and have more than halved my episodes of Sleep Apnea. Another first for my life is that I am now getting ‘real’ sleep. Waking refreshed and getting through the day without feeling drowsy. I cannot recommend Dr Ananda and his team highly enough to anyone suffering from Sleep Apnea or breathing difficulties.