Nasal Surgery Patient


Why I Chose Nasal Surgery:

Waking up with dry mouth, struggling to breathe during exercise and having a constantly blocked nose were not things I wanted to face on a daily basis. I was advised that I could either undergo a surgical procedure or use nasal sprays every day for the rest of my life. Since I had already tried using nasal sprays and struggled to remember to fit them into my busy routine, I couldn’t foresee myself committing to their daily use so I opted for the surgery because it provided lifelong benefits without hard work! To be honest, I just wanted to have the surgery and not have to worry about nasal problems ever again.


What To Expect

As soon as I woke up in the recovery room, my nose felt tense as if pressure was being placed onto it. For those who have ever been hit in the nose with a ball, it was a similar feeling to that. There was some bleeding but that is normal and it was controlled easily with bandages provided by hospital staff.

My nose was blocked for about a week after the procedure as the area was healing. I found it necessary to take this time off to rest and deal with the aftercare. To clean the area, I used the Flo Sinus Care Nasal and Sinus Wash Starter Kit that I bought from a chemist. This kit involves a bottle with a nozzle that you use to spray up your nostrils. To make the wash mix, I combined 500ml of water (that I boiled and then let cool until it was lukewarm) with 1 ½ teaspoons of rock salt and ½ a teaspoon of baking soda. After pouring it into the bottle, I went to the bathroom sink. I then bent my head over the sink and kept my mouth open. I placed the nozzle into my right nostril and then gently squeezed the bottle like a pump. This caused the mix to go up my nasal passage and come out of my left nostril. Once I was halfway through the bottle, I then repeated this process in my left nostril. On the days immediately after surgery, the wash didn’t come straight out of the other nostril but I was persistent and after my nose started to clear, it did. It helped to gently blow my nose a few times right after cleaning it and spit. This removed the blood, mucus and crusting in my nose. I used this Flo Wash 6 times a day for the first 2 days after surgery and then 2-4 times a day for the next 10 days.

This process was really simple and helped clear up the congestion. Due to the nose being blocked during this recovery period, I breathed more through my mouth and as a result, found it helpful to use paw-paw ointment or any type of lip balm on my lips and to drink water to relieve mouth dryness. I also slept with a few extra pillows to elevate my head and prevent bleeding.



I am really happy with my decision to have the surgery and the results. It’s so good to be able to breathe with ease and not have to worry anymore about sleepless nights, carrying tissues with me everywhere I go to clear my nose and struggling to breathe whilst walking up a set of stairs. This minor surgery has changed my life and I would recommend that anyone considering having the surgery themselves to move forward and do it, leaving behind all that nasal irritation they’ve experienced in the past.