A grommet is a small ventilation tube inserted into the eardrum to allow air into the middle ear and prevent a build-up of fluid. A grommet is usually inserted to treat fluid in the middle ear or prevent recurrent otitis media. A small cut is made in the eardrum and [...]



Adenoids help protect the body from viruses and bacteria. Adenoids can often appear quite large in children and grow smaller with age. Adenoids can sometimes get infected with problems such as ear infections, glue ear or sinusitis. Adenoidectomy is performed to removal the adenoids. Images [...]



Tonsillectomy (removal of the tonsils). To make the decision to remove the tonsils a number of factors are taken into consideration. Most significantly in children is whether the tonsils and adenoids are resulting in sleep disordered breathing. Secondly the frequency and severity of infection are also taken into consideration. It is [...]

Skull Base Surgery


Skull Base Surgery Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is a condition in which the soft tissues of the throat, including the tongue, collapse during sleep. This blocks the upper part of the airway. It obstructs and can stop air flow. It causes sleep disturbance which [...]

Nose & Sinus


Nose & Sinus Conditions involving the nose and sinus include nasal obstruction, nasal fractures, sinusitis, polyps and correction of the external nasal deformity (rhinoplasty). Overview: It is an exaggerated reaction of the nasal lining to the allergens in the air, which are [...]



The turbinates role is to warm and humidify air that is breathed through the nose. They become enlarged in conditions such as hay fever causing blockage. Soft tissue of enlarged turbinates causing nasal obstruction are reduced using a debrider or coblation. Bone is also removed. Turbinectomy Recovery [...]

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