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Claire Noble’s Experience

Why I chose Nasal Surgery

I was suffering severe sinusitis for about 12 months before being referred to Dr Ananda at Central Sydney ENT. I was a receptionist at the time and a part time dog groomer hoping to start my own business, and living with sinus issues was taking a toll on my everyday life. I found it difficult to talk especially on the phones at work as my nose was so blocked some days I could not breath through it, and I would be constantly blowing it through out the day to clear the blockages. I found it embarrassing at times to have to excuse myself to blow my nose, and would have to have tissues on me wherever I went.

I had regular sinus headaches, which were hard to relieve. My voice was very nasally some days, and I was asked a lot whether I had the flu. My sleeping was disturbed and I snored quite a lot and even exercising became difficult.
I was referred to Dr Ananda by my GP after having X-rays that showed my sinus were almost completely blocked. Dr Ananda informed me at my first appointment that I would require surgery to clear my blocked sinuses and correct y deviated septum. He explained everything in great detail, gave me easy to understand information about what was wrong, my upcoming procedure and after operation care.

What to Expect

I had my procedure at Macquarie University Hospital, which was great. The hospital staff was lovely, the surgery was very quick and painless and all up I only spent half the day there. Dr Ananda saw me pre and post op, and ran me through the procedure, and what I should expect during recovery. I was surprised at how little pain and discomfort I felt post op and in the days following. I was given post op care info that was way to understand and follow, which I believe helped with my speedy recovery. I noticed a difference almost immediately with my breathing and also just how clear my sinus felt.


I had regular follow up appointments with Dr Ananda in the following months after the procedure, and now just over 12 months on have no sinus issues and am very happy with the results. I have referred many people to Dr Ananda and the team at Central Sydney ENT, can’t recommend them enough!

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