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Jas De Martin’s Experience

Why I chose Nasal Surgery

I had rhino-septoplasty and turbinoplasty at the start of October 2017. I had been hit in the nose when I was much younger and as I grew up the damage to my nose was becoming more noticeable. Before the Surgery I had been unhappy with the look of my nose as it had a bump and was crooked, I also had recently noticed that I was unable to breathe at all through one of my nostrils. I now know this was the cause of my bad morning breathe and dry throat as I had to sleep with my mouth open. I was also told my mouth was always open which I had not noticed because I could not get enough air from breathing through just my nose. I decided to get the surgery before my breathing got worse and seriously affected my sleep and to fix up the shape of my nose.

From my first appointment with Dr Ananda I could tell straight away he was extremely good at what he does and picked up on the issues with my nose before even examining it. Tennille, the nurse at the clinic, was extremely friendly and made me feel so comfortable about the surgery and with asking any questions about it. She informed me very well about the procedure and what I should be expecting.

What to Expect

When I woke up from the surgery I was in a considerable amount of pain and discomfort, it was quite a lot worse than I had imagined. My whole face was very swollen, and it was very uncomfortable to do anything that involved moving my face. The next two days post-surgery were pretty much the same as that. The swelling in my face hadn’t lessened, and it was a struggle to do anything because of the discomfort. It wasn’t extremely painful but enough that it got very uncomfortable and frustrating. One of the best things was that I was very tired from the surgery, so I slept for most of this time and had no trouble sleeping. There were a lot of tears the first two days and a lot of feeling sorry for myself. I was sure there was no way the surgery could be worth the discomfort and I needed help to do pretty much anything. I was however very impressed that I had no bruising whatsoever so far.

From the third day onward, the swelling had gone down substantially, and I was feeling much better. I was no longer in any pain, although I was still very congested and agitated. The nose sprays you must do three or more times a day are difficult at first and a little messy but quickly become a god-sent as they help with congestion and overall cleaning of the nose. Every day after then got a little bit better and after only 5 days post-surgery I surprisingly felt almost back to normal.

A week post-surgery I had my cast and the splints removed by Teneille. The procedure was a very unfamiliar and unpleasant experience; however, it didn’t take very long to remove a split and once they are out it is such a huge relief to be able to breathe properly and to not be so congested. It was a fantastic feeling once they were removed. Teneille was amazing as she let me take as much time as I needed between removing both splints and gave me some lollies when I got the shakes. She made the whole experience that day much less daunting. Once the splints were removed I noticed straight away the amount of air I could take in through my nose because it was very cold in the nostril that had previously been blocked. it was overwhelming how well I could breathe through my nose. I could breathe through both nostrils straight away without having to breathe through my mouth which was very exciting. When I saw the appearance of my nose, although it was very swollen, I was so impressed with the outcome. My nose was no longer crooked, and I couldn’t have been happier with the result. I walked around all day looking in every mirror because I was so thrilled with it. When the cast came off I also realised how sensitive my nose was, slight bumps were very painful and touching it at all was very ticklish.

5 weeks post-surgery and the swelling of my nose has gone down again substantially, however the tip is still swollen which they’ve said could take a few months to go completely. My nose is still a bit sensitive to touch but gets better every day. My breathing has improved dramatically. I had to train myself to breathe through my nose again and not my mouth but since that’s become almost involuntary I have noticed I no longer sleep with my mouth open, which has resulted in NO bad breath in the mornings, which I thought was a very normal thing. I feel much more rested after a night’s sleep and wake up less tired, which could be from better quality of sleep. I have been told I chew quieter and that I no longer keep my mouth open on a regular basis as I do not need to breathe through it anymore. The nose washes that I still have to do once a day are my favourite time of the day as it seriously improves breathing if you’ve built up stuff in your nose over-night.  I am also much more confident with my appearance and absolutely love the result!! I can’t wait till the swelling goes down completely to love it even more.


Overall, I was very impressed with the whole experience. The surgery is one which was difficult for me the first few days but with these results was 100% worth it and I would recommend anyone to go ahead with it if its needed. It has changed my life. I had no bruising, my recovery time was so quick, and I’m thrilled with the results, Dr Ananda did such an excellent job. My whole experience with Dr Ananda and Teneille was fantastic, they are both very professional and make you feel very comfortable and assured that you are in great hands.

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